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Gladstone Youth Football is back for the 2022 season! Please use the registration link below. 

If interested in helping out the program, please reach out to a current board member for more information.

Tackle Registration

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Coaching Application

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Mission Statement

The Mission of Gladstone Football is to develop a value-driven program that teaches teamwork, good sportsmanship, and self-discipline by providing every athlete with a set of lifelong skills that will enable them to be a positive example on and off the field. 

Core values

Brotherhood ..... Football is a tough and demanding sport where 50 to 80 young individuals share daily experiences that mold them into a fraternal entity, this forming a brotherhood. Brother may not always get along, but in the end, brothers have each other's backs in times of competition and the adversity faced as a student-athlete both on the field and in their personal lives. 

BIG TEAM- little me ..... No member of the program is bigger than the program or the team. A successful program doesn't have "Me" guys and egos. we are a team and we win or lose together. It takes individuals acting as a whole in order to accomplish what is necessary to become a successful program

PRIDE ..... Personal Responsibility In daily Excellence. Each member of the football program has a responsibility in doing their best on a daily basis. The core principal relates to everything from being a great student to a being a great son. It especially holds truth on the football field where the starter has to give his best at all time as does the player who may be on scout team for the majority of the season. No job is too small. 

10/90 rule .....  10% of life is what happens to a person, the other 90% is how they react. This is a simple concept to remember and is applicable to everyday life and on the football field. We continuously inform the players about this rule because something major will happen to our athletes on a weekly basis and how they react has the biggest impact on the outcome of the situation. 

Cut No Corners  ..... Detailed and discipline behavior is what drives success. This is a timeless truth that can be shown within every great sports organization. Not "cutting corners" is a way to remind athletes to stay disciplined about the small details.  This is important because every small detail and decision an athlete makes changes their performance in times of adversity. 


About GYF

Gladstone Youth Football is a nonprofit organization that offers tackle football to children from 5rd grade to 8th grade.

Price for the season:  $150 for 7/8

                                               $125 for 5/6

If you have any questions or are having trouble with registration, please call us at 971-282-5725

Tualatin Valley Football League

The Tualatin Valley football league is a tackle based football program for 3rd through 8th grade youth in the Tualatin Valley and Portland metropolitan area in Oregon. With over 50 associations, the program now boasts over 6,500 players and 500+ volunteer coaches.

The TVYFL is a non-profit football club, whose goal is to provide safe and enjoyable athletic competition. Good sportsmanship, fun developing student athletes and individual growth are our main goals.

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Tyler Hoffman

Tyler Hoffman

Gladstone Youth Football President

Phone: 971-282-5725


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